Grant Application Qualifications

The Foundation will not consider unsolicited requests for funding for programs other than those that are directed at improving the literacy and emotional well-being of children from birth through the early elementary school years. The Foundation’s grant making activities are concentrated in the New York City metropolitan area.

The Foundation does not provide grants

  • to endowments or annual appeals;
  • for pure medical research;
  • for capital improvements other than in connection with the implementation of a specific program being supported;
  • to individuals;
  • to support events or outings.

Grants will be made only to qualified tax exempt organizations.

The Foundation will not consider a request for a multi-year grant from an applicant that has not previously been funded by the Foundation. The Foundation will not consider an application for a continuation of funding prior to receipt of the report on the prior year's grant. Normally a multiple year grant will be limited to three consecutive years.

An organization which has received funding for three consecutive years may not submit an unsolicited request for new funding for a period of two years.

From time to time the Foundation may choose to make grants that do not meet the Foundation’s usual criteria for consideration. Such grants will be made at the sole discretion of the Trustees and need not be subject to the Foundation’s standard application procedure.