Frequently Asked Questions

What areas of children’s programming do you support?
The Foundation supports  programs which encourage early childhood literacy and emotional well-being, including programs which provide support to parents, teachers, and other caregivers.

I have a children’s program which is neither literacy or well-being related. May I still apply?
Unsolicited requests for funds in areas other than children's literacy or emotional well-being are not accepted.

I was funded in the past, but my program is in an area other than literacy or well-being. May I apply?
The interests of the Foundation have changed over time. Unsolicited requests in areas other than literacy and emotional well-being will not be accepted, even from prior grant recipients.

How old are “children”?
The Foundation’s main focus is on children from birth through early elementary school (grade three), or approximately nine years of age.

Does the Foundation support capital campaigns?
The Foundation does not provide funds for capital improvements other than in connection with the implementation of a specific program being supported.

Does the Foundation make multi-year grants?
The Foundation will not consider a request for a multi-year grant from an applicant who has not previously been funded by the Foundation.

How do I submit an Application?
The first step in the application process is the submission of an on-line Letter of Inquiry (LOI). If the Trustees have an interest in the program being discussed, you will be asked to complete a complete on-line Application. Further information can be found on the How To Apply page.

Must I use the on-line application? Can’t I submit a paper copy?
The Foundation only accepts on-line applications. Should this provide an extreme hardship, please Contact Us.

I want to submit a DVD, CD, brochure or other materials with my LOI. How do I do that?
The Trustees do not accept supplementary materials with initial LOIs.

I'm having technical problems using the on-line process, e.g. - my file won't upload. How do I get help?
Questions regarding use of the on-line system should be sent via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Are there any resources that may be helpful to me in the process of submitting on-line information to the foundation?
When you are logged in to the website, we recommend reviewing  the "Training Video - Applicant Tutorial Updated" which can be found by selecting the top "support" menu selection.

I forgot my password for the grant application site.  How can I retrieve it or get a new one?
At the Logon Page, click on Forgot your Password.

  1. Enter your Email Address in the text box below the Log On button and click Send Reminder.
  2. An email from will be sent to your email address.
When will the Foundation consider an application for continuation of funding?
The Foundation will not consider an application by a grantee for continued funding of a program prior to receipt and review of the report on the prior grant required by the Letter of Acceptance executed by the grantee.

Does the Foundation provide funding for individual scholarships for children?
The Foundation does not make grants to individuals nor strictly for scholarship programs. Grants are made only to qualifying tax exempt organizations.

What size grants does the Foundation make?
The Foundation does not have a standard dollar amount for grants.

When can I submit an LOI?
LOIs are accepted at anytime.

If our LOI is turned down, how soon may we apply again?
Organizations should wait a minimum of 24 months before reapplying.

If I have a question may I contact the Foundation prior to submitting an LOI?
Certainly. Please see the Contact Us page.